Caroline Denervaud

At first glance, you may consider Caroline Denervaud’s artwork to be simply abstract. However, you need only briefly see Caroline during her 'performance painting' to appreciate her consideration, detail, texture and saturated colour.

Caroline moves her body across the paper or canvas with a marker in hand, creating lines or marks which may later be completed with paint or caseine pigment  paint, this is art which seamlessly merges the art of performance with the art of painting .

Adopting nimble, sweeping movements not unlike dancing, Caroline transports these movements from her body to the canvas via paintbrush – documenting these gestures like an exquisite map of movement.

This work is unique and transformative, captivating the viewer from the initial stage of creation through to the resolved painting.  An observer may draw parallels between Caroline’s art and the pioneering performative work of Yves Klein.


Otomys exhibits a selection of paintings by Caroline Denervaud 

After studying dance at the Laban Center in London, Caroline later studied Fine Arts at Studio Berçot in Paris. As a Swiss multi-disciplinary artist currently living in the Marais district of Paris, Caroline’s performance-based artwork is informed purely by instinct, music and a constant search for the fine interplay between balance and imbalance.

A subtle sheen or a gritty caseine may be mixed into the pigment and applied with varying dense and loose brushstrokes, resulting in the rawness and honesty of expression which defines Caroline Denervaud’s work.

Blending vibrant colours together in an exploration of how colours meet and interact when guided by instinct and emotion, Caroline describes her own work as “here and now”.

“The quiet abstract compositions hide stories; the feeling is fixed on paper,” she says. “I try to find that moment when the unbalance is balanced and the balance is unbalanced.”


Caroline Denervaud’s work has earned high praise in Australia and abroad

Caroline’s explorative works have led her to esteemed collaborations between fashion house Roksanda at London Fashion Week, Hotel Les Roches Rouge and most recently, the rose-coloured Roksanda Penthouse.

Purveyors of Caroline Denervaud’s art also tend to be captivated by the works of Susan Watson KnightSophia SzilagyiRick Eckersley and Meg Walters.


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