Michael Taylor

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Michael Taylor is known for his naïve gestural painting of caricatures.


Whether it’s A Message from the Jungle, The Gardener’s Revenge, The Injured Hedonist or The Shy Confectioner;  Michael Taylor’s titles and art identify his characteristic sense of parody and self-reflexivity.


Michael has an impeccable talent for cultural commentary expressed through his humorous, flamboyant attenuated figures. Drawing from his own life experiences and fictional scenarios he explores themes such as masculinity, selfhood and personal mythology.


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Michael says his work draws comparisons between personal and cultural knowledge – themes and narratives that inform his everyday thinking.


“These interpretations are fundamentally concerned with image-text paradigms – the subtleties between visual thoughts and language. I look at these relationships, particularly the interplay between an image and its adjoined title, as concepts for my work,” he says.


“And I am always interested in working with humour and ridicule, ways of communicating that are disarming, and those aspects pointing to being simply human. It’s these elements, I believe, that will make the viewer become aware of themselves when reading the image.”


A chronicle of Michael Taylor’s art

Since obtaining a master’s degree with a distinction in Visual Art in 2006 from Stellenbosch University in South Africa, Michael Taylor has gone on to enjoy a very successful art career that spans several continents; from Cape Town to London, Sydney to Amsterdam.


Thames & Hudson shortlisted Michael for 100 Young Painters of Tomorrow in 2013, and his paintings are included in the Woodner Collection.


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