Mark Roper

It' difficult to find a more eclectic photographic portfolio than that of Mark Roper. His exploration into experimental photography produces astounding results, exploring unique organic compositions and introducing fascinating new concepts within the realms of light and balance.
Mark uses liquid resin pours and archival photographic paper (depending on the work) to achieve the ebb and flow of a fluid, ‘moving’ surface.
By manipulating light and chemical reactions on polaroid film, Mark creates deeply ambient compositions. At 2.8 metres by 3.8 metres, his art is a vast expanse of stunning visuals offering a surreal experience, particularly when viewed at large scale.
With a highly reputable profile as a leading commercial photographer, Mark’s photography leaves a lasting impression on audiences. It was only a matter of time before Mark would showcase his aptitude for marrying traditional aspects of photography with experimental techniques for dynamic fine art.
In reference to his original fine art series – Arcane, his seamless blend of spontaneity and imbalance is the result of strategic manipulation and distortion. Polaroid photography is used to capture the unpredictable interactions between liquid resin and his chosen canvas of photo-metallic paper or cotton rag paper, and the resulting textures are mesmerising.
Through perfecting the craft of experimental photography, Mark has managed to convey the complexity of light, texture and form in a pure and extraordinary way.
Originally from the United Kingdom, Mark now lives and works in Melbourne with his family. His career in commercial photography spans several decades and continents, with such notable clients as Conde Nast Traveller, Aesop and Herman Miller in his portfolio.


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