Mark Tipple

Mark Tipple captures both the tranquility and tumultuous nature of the ocean through his extensive collection of astounding fine art photography. His background in underwater photography has equipped him with an impeccable skill for conveying the atmosphere of a specific moment in time.
Art collectors of work by Mark Tipple are drawn to the sheer volume and immense power that his ocean photographs capture. In contrast, his oceanography also reminds us of our innate connection to the life of the ocean, which can be equally tumultuous as it can be meditative.
Mark’s unique ability to photograph from unconventional angles offers a rare and beautiful insight to the ocean. To capture such hauntingly beautiful moments in nature armed with nothing more than a camera and a deep-rooted bond with the ocean, is exceptional.
As he puts it in his own words: “The simple act of plunging under a wave on a day at the beach, can pass from a mere game to a dramatic battle between humans and nature.”
Mark’s portfolio of Ocean photography is one of the many art genres in his work; music, film and performance are all part of his practice. Standing on cliff edges around the coastlines of Australia to photograph the above-water surf and his more iconic underwater shots, express his an entirely original approach to document the expressions of the Ocean.
His artist statement for a recent project perfectly defines what Mark is striving to achieve with his impactful underwater photography:
“Grip the sand, they remind themselves. Go low, stay low. Their faces contort, their muscles tighten in reaction to the struggle for power with the ocean. They surface when the surge has passed. They breathe. They are unaware that a camera has captured it all; from straining arms clawing at sand to eyes squeezed shut against the bite of salt.”
Mark’s passion for chronicling our relationship with the ocean from a creative perspective is clearly evident in his art work.


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