Sophia Szilagyi

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Sophia Szilagyi is a talented mid-career artist based in Melbourne. She works primarily within the contemporary realm of digital printmaking and photography, creating captivating and oftentimes deeply contemplative compositions. Szilagyi holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from RMIT (Honours), with an impressive exhibition history. Early in her career she was awarded the Banyule Award for Works on Paper and her success has grown from there. Sophia Szilagyi’s art is held in numerous private and public collections including Artbank, State Library of Victoria, Print Council of Australia, and Queensland University of Technology Art Museum amongst others. Otomys is proud to exclusively represent Sophia Szilagyi’s digital printmaking photography.


Szilagyi’s explores the interplay between light and dark, with darkness often overpowering the bursts of light. Some work is dark and mystical, yet somehow soothing whilst other work is light and uplifting, such is life, and an art collection should create a place for both. Szilagyi’s imagery often draws on the natural world, all while infusing these landscapes with emotional resonance through the skillful utilisation of diametrically opposed elements. Szilagyi’s light and dark emotional expressions of the ocean and vast skies are breathtaking.


Szilagyi constructs her images using digital printmaking techniques, layering photography to create what she terms as ‘emotion scape’s – these places do not exist in reality. The blurring of layers and recreated ethereal spaces capture fluctuations in mood and the inconsistencies of human emotions. From wonder to danger, Szilagyi captures the full scope of humanity.


Sophia Szilagyi’s artwork can now be enjoyed at Otomys, the home of both local and global artistic talent.


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