Trevor Mein

Ethereal and minimal, Trevor Mein’s artworks are truly captivating. Otomys Contemporary exclusively represents Trevor Mein’s fine art photography, celebrating the local artist’s contributions to Australian photography and artistry.


Mein draws our eyes towards something that we often do not register - the sky above us. Clouds can be flighty and nebulous, blending into one another and constantly changing shape or dissipating with a gust of wind. Trevor Mein captures these fleeting moments of the sky, harnessing both their motion and stillness in his fine art collections which are printed at a very large scale.


It is no wonder that Mein is fascinated by the theatre of the skies and of the Australian landscape. He was raised in rural Victoria, which allowed him to appreciate the rugged, earthy terrain and the constant and infinite spectacle of the sky.


Over the past 20 years, Mein has continued to capture this familiar yet distant aspect of the natural world, presenting it on a scale that honours its magnitude. Mein’s colour palette fades from light blue, to grey, and then to white, with splashes of saffron, violet and coal, energizing each work. Some images evoke an incoming sunset, while others are more graphic or may be perceived as a seascape. Overall Trevor Mein’s photography encourages the observer to question the longevity and health of our planet, showing us that its beauty is well worth preserving.


Catalogues of Trevor Mein photography are available - simply enquire to discover the five captivating collections of cloud photography.