Greg Penn

Greg Penn’s multidisciplinary work continually aims to expand notions of how we see and think about our world and ourselves. He constantly examines and questions to build awareness and knowledge and open up new ways of understanding our experience.

Penn’s collection of work spans highly unconventional fine art photography techniques and mixed medium abstract sculpture that explores and dissects themes such as spirituality, psychology and emotion.
Greg Penn artwork exhibited in Australia
Of his In the Sky of the Mind collection, Greg Penn says: “This continues my interest in perceptual diversity and my connection to the rich history and spirituality of India. This work is a focus on mind, body and breath as horizons blur, colour intensifies and edges soften, joining mental spaces with real and expanding notions on how we perceive our existence.”

Penn’s Light Forays collection is his first endeavour into fine art photography where Penn explores mental and physical depth and emotional and physical sensations, whilst compressing and unifying perceptual diversity.

“I use light to explore virtually infinite possibilities – linking, generating, and manipulating colour,” he says. “As the camera narrows vision, I look to expand my vision by probing psychological, metaphysical and spiritual experiences.”
“I am less concerned with duplicating physical reality and constantly question the role and limits of photography. In this study, the photographer and the energy of colour are the subject which creates a perceptual relationship with the viewer.”
Other inspiring art by Greg Penn
In addition to his distinctly unique fine art photography, Greg Penn explores the twists and turns of the “limbs” of Australian gum trees in his sculpture series, In the Company of Trees – The Dance of Bliss, where he experiments with clay, mud and plant extract.

As an artist, Penn sees his craft as a means of life that expands his consciousness. He takes inspiration from the writings of Jiddu Krishnamurti, and activates various awareness techniques in order to avoid distractions while exploring the natural world – this allows him to be truly present amongst nature.

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