Lené Ehlers

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‘My oil paintings are intuitive, they touch on themes of life and acceptance of one’s true self. For me art is life; colour and brushstrokes translate emotion - I am completely transfixed when I paint. The impasto technique creates a tactile expression of my work, I use thick oils with considered varied tones and colours and apply these with a flat firm hog’s hair paintbrush. The liquid fluidity of oil paint allows me to paint spontaneously with shorter bursts of brushwork - this is the magic of oil painting.' Lené Ehlers.


Lené Ehlers qualified with a postgraduate BA Honnors Degree in Illustration at Stellenbosch University and an undergraduate BA degree in Graphic Design at the Pearson Institute. Her paintings are exhibited in group shows in South Africa and Italy and she will participate in an art residency in Champagne, France, as soon as traveling permits.