Anna Dudek

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Anna Dudek plays with geometric form to enhance the spontaneous, natural movement of natural light. It’s unpredictable, diffused movement across these smooth surfaces is still and calming. Yet in their static forms they are lively; they actively participate with their surrounding environment. As the day opens to the light, one sees a radiant reflection of colour here, a deepened shifting shadow there, or the sun catching an edge manifesting a strip of intense light, while the flat plane seemingly disappears into the wall. The sculptures’ synergy with the space is a reminder that nothing exists in total isolation.

Similarly, Anna’s transparent Perspex sculptures, which have dichroic film applied to their surfaces, engage the viewer and the architectural surroundings with visual performances. Capturing and dispersing spectral light from their droplet-like forms, these small sculptures are suggestive of microscopic natural and lively forms.

Silent Conversations now open in viewing room )  features Anna Dudek’s work alongside the unusual synthesis of pigment with photography 

 by Susan Watson Knight. This exhibition marks Anna’s debut representation with Otomys in Australia. 

 In 2020 Anna was commissioned to produce her first public artwork; a series of relief sculptures for the entrance lobby of NEXT Hotel in Melbourne. 

This followed on from her solo exhibition at Factory 49, Sydney, titled This Space of Time and inclusion in the 2020 Sydney Contemporary Presents with the National Art School.  

 In 2017 Anna Dudek won the Michael Hobbs Sculpture Award.  Her work is held in private collections in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, UK and Singapore. 

Anna Dudek graduated with a Master of Fine Art from the National Art School in 2019.  She was born in New Zealand and currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia.