Laura Vahlberg

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Laura Vahlberg is an American painter who is based in Virginia. 
‘Working primarily on unstretched primed linen or canvas cloth, I paint pictures that represent the everyday and mundane within the context of formal abstraction.  The first aspect I observe in a subject is the air quality. I work on site in front of my chosen subject, nature acting as both reference material and active contributor. I dialogue with the subject to discover what aspect wants attention. I am both an observer and participant, delving into the process as intuition and perception dictate the direction.'
Vahlberg holds a Bachelors in Fine Arts from James Madison University.  Her work has been exhibited in the US and Europe.  She has studied under artists including Israel Hershberg, Elana Hagler, Sarah Rutherfoord, Susan Zurbrigg, Ken Szmagaj, and Susan Jane Walp.


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