Justin Southey

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Born in rural South Africa in 1985 Justin Southey majored in photography graduating Cum Laude from Stellenbosch Academy of Graphic Design and Photography (2007), with a BA in Applied Design. 

Justin Southey's practice explores notions of landscapes and fantastical worlds that serve as metaphors for more unquantifiable emotional and spiritual spaces.

Acting like ethereal mirages, the artist's ambition is to explore and capture the intertwining and transcendent quality of the unseen. Capturing momentary feelings in a visual form, these investigations are both deeply personal and often made in response to his immediate environment. 

With playful bold swathes of colour, texture and exuberant mark making, there is a push and pull the viewer experiences, directing the eye and stimulating the senses.

These ‘landscapes’ reveal melodious harmony and an overall narrative, and upon closer inspection investigating smaller worlds unfold, that invite the viewer to dream and imagine the atmosphere of physical space.


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