Jo Elbourne

Jo Elbourne makes taut and layered textile works, preoccupied with the seemingly endless potential of her practice, despite its limited parameters.
It is a pared-down process with a simple yet exacting technique, rooted in the act of repetition, guided by an intuitive approach to proportion and a deeply felt relationship to colour.
Her compositions create a sense of space and equilibrium holding ideas around continuity, flow, rhythm and redirection through considered asymmetric arrangements.
A singular material - braided cotton - is used both in its raw state and as a carrier of colour. Cumulatively these rows of cord form a series of pathways and intersecting moments into abstract narratives.
Jo attended Wimbledon School of Art at foundation level and went on to earn a BA from Ravensbourne College of Design before a career designing clothes.
Jo is based in the coastal town of Margate in southeast England.


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