Damon Kowarsky

Damon Kowarsky

Damon Kowarsky is an Australian artist working across drawing, printmaking, copper plate etching and painting. Using formal, precise techniques, Kowarsky sheds light on global societies, cultures, architecture and landscape.

Since completing his studies at the Victorian College of the Arts, Glasgow School of Art, and RMIT, Kowarsky has regularly taken part in art residencies  and exhibitions in South Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Despite time spent abroad, Damon Kowarsky’s Australian roots remain strong. He frequently exhibits in group exhibitions in Australia and is represented in public and private collections.


Notable Damon Kowarsky artwork

Kowarsky has come to be known for his meticulous approach to art and his exploration of classical mythology, the human form and architecture.

Tactile and obscure, Kowarsky leaves a lot to the imagination, encouraging the observer to fill in the blanks. The amalgamated shapes and figures he creates on canvas and copper plate etchings  are intriguing and eye-catching.

Kowarsky’s experience as a scientific, courtroom and archaeological illustrator inform his works, lending them their unique appeal. Factual reality is presented as an illusion, creating a form of collective imagination that all observers get to enjoy together. Absurdity is celebrated in Kowarsky’s works, balancing delicately between the spectacular and the everyday. The viewer is encouraged to break free of the confines of routine thinking, and to delight in what defies reality instead.

The precision of his art-making techniques help him interrogate public space and architectural facades, shedding light on social connections and encounters. In this way, Kowarsky transports us around the world, from a battle with a beast at the Colosseum to the quaintness of a Middle Eastern village. In other artworks, Kowarsky captures the essence of a location by depicting a plant  or a forest. In some, he works on the human form.

This approach has seen Kowarsky receive numerous prizes and awards including the Toyota Community Spirit Artist Travel Award, Australian Print Workshop Collie Print Trust Emerging Victorian Printmakers Scholarship, Creative Victoria New Works Grant and an Australia Council Asia-Australia Creative Partnerships Grant.

Most recently, Kowarsky completed a printmaking residency in Tianjin, China and his limited edition copper palate etching Chinese Zodiac signs are now exhibited online with Otomys Contemporary.



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