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Caroline Denervaud

Caroline Denervaud

Caroline Denervaud is a Swiss multi-disciplinary artist living in the Marais district of Paris, France. She studied dance at the Laban Center in London and later studied Fine Arts in Paris at Studio Berçot. Caroline’s art is performance based and the painted or drawn line is guided by instinct, music and a constant search for the fine interplay between balance and imbalance. The spontaneous, sincere forms and organic lines mimic the natural curves and motions of Caroline’s body – her lyrical and avant garde style is purely conducted by the the search for the equilibrium within. Caroline’s selection of colour and texture is often unexpected; a strong mix of red and blue shades blend with ochres, pinks and yellows with an occasional twist of a fluoro orange. A subtle sheen or a gritty caseine may be mixed into the pigment and applied with varying dense and loose brushstrokes, resulting in the rawness and honesty of expression which defines Caroline Denervaud.

‘Through painting, film and stills I try to find that moment when the unbalance is balanced and the balance is unbalanced. It’s a question of here and now, intrinsic emotions are my guide. In my paintings, forms and colours play around balance in space. The quiet abstract compositions hide stories, the feeling is fixed on paper.’ – Caroline Denervaud.

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