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Gil Bourget

Gil Bourget

French artist, Gil Bourget paints from his thoughts and experiences garnered whilst travelling around the world. Lost paradises and ephemeral moments are honoured through delicate strokes of ink on paper. The subject is created from a photomontage that is then be reproduced in pencil on paper. Gil then uses masking liquid to reserve the parts that will not be coloured, then ink. Once the masking liquid has dried and gummed, the ink remains and the subject appears. This technique gives a spectral aspect to the composition by revealing traces or other imperfections similar to the Impressionists.

‘My work is marked by collage, stencil and urban painting. I try to communicate a melancholic experience. The result is an almost ghostly, spectral representation, at least a nostalgic conception of the world diluted in pale coloured washes. My work tries to connect the time that flows and flows with what will disappear or disintegrate. It is voluntarily part of a romantic and ecological perspective. The term of impression also has value in my work as a testimony. In this way, I seek to restore humanity, the ephemeral delicacy threatened by a changing world. The themes of disappearance, erasure and lost paradise are at the heart of my work. The outdated nature of my paintings calls for escape but above all allows me to open a window beyond the erasure. The result is an almost ghostly representation, at least a melancholic conception of the world diluted in pale coloured washes.’ – Gil Bourget.

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