Greg Penn

Greg Penn

Greg Penn’s multidisciplinary work continually aims to expand notions of how we see and think about our world and ourselves. He constantly examines and questions to build awareness and knowledge to open up new ways of understanding our experience.


In The Sky Of The Mind

‘This latest collection continues my interest in perceptual diversity and my connection to the rich history and spirituality of India.

This work is a focus on mind, body and breath as horizons blur, colour intensifies and edges soften, joining mental spaces with real and expanding notions on how we perceive our existence’.

Light Forays 

‘I use light to explore virtually infinite possibilities – linking, generating, and manipulating colour. As the camera narrows vision, I look to expand my vision by probing psychological, metaphysical and spiritual experiences. I am less concerned with duplicating physical reality and constantly question the role and limits of photography. In this study, the photographer and the energy of colour are the subject which creates a perceptual relationship with the viewer.’ – Greg Penn.

Light Forays is Greg Penn’s first collection of fine art photography which blurs mental and physical depth; exploring emotional and physical sensations and compressing and unifying perceptual diversity.


Sculpture collection by Greg Penn HERE.

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