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    Marise Maas

    Marise Maas

    Marise Maas is a Dutch born, Melbourne based artist. Her figurative work deals with making the ‘unimportant’ important – looking at the smaller details to find the bigger stories. Maas has been fascinated with horses and horse riding since childhood and the repeated depiction of horses within her works represents a form of symbolic stand-in for the often humorous, often tender, qualities of human desire and longing.

    ‘While emotive connotations exist in her work, Maas pays greatest attention to the formal concerns of art making – in particular composition, line, shape and texture. Here she takes her cues from abstract art, embracing textured surface-qualities and flat two-dimensional space by painting large fields of monochrome colour. Often cool, neutral tones of grey and black are contrasted with bolts of turquoise, red or orange as the artist keeps her palette restricted and minimal. This allows the viewers’ focus to remain on the artist’s rich and variegated spectrum of mark-making.’ – Marguerite Brown.


    This collection is available exclusively through Otomys Contemporary in the United Kingdom.

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