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    Rodrigo Branco

    Rodrigo Branco

    Born in Grajaú in 1986, a neighbourhood on the southern outskirts of São Paulo, and of Bahia descent, Rodrigo discovered the world of pixação and graffiti, in the streets where he used to play as a child. During his early artistic explorations, Rodrigo would represent characters realistically, adorned with symbols that would live within his imagination, both from family photographs and his own poetic childhood memories. From 2016, his expressive portraits became increasingly abstract. Faces became completely distorted, as if each one of them represented a combination of all his previous artistic explorations into one unique space, opening a new search for medium and meaning. Nowadays, Rodrigo’s work is defined as abstract and contemporary. Over the past decade, Rodrigo’s large murals have formed part of international art festivals and his paintings have been exhibited in galleries in Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Mexico, Peru and the United States. Most recently in February 2020, Rodrigo had a Solo show titled ‘Portraits’ in Northern France.


    This collection is available exclusively through Otomys Contemporary in the United Kingdom.

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