Country Style Magazine: Julia Roche

Otomys artist Julia Roche has been featured in a wonderful write up for the March edition of Country Style magazine. Julia has recently moved back to her family property and how that has affected her artmaking and her family life.


Julia grew up at the property ‘Wooroola’, a mixed farm in Wagga Wagga. She recalls a childhood full of positive memories amidst the open land of the farm. She is now giving her children the chance to develop a deeper love and appreciation for nature at her childhood home.


The departure from the controlled urban environment of Sydney has introduced a quality of uninhibitedness in her art. Her paintings are left outside to become imbued with dust, rain, and sunlight from her 1910s corrugated-iron woolshed. The ever-evolving natural landscape thus becomes embedded in her works.


Julia and her husband Michael have worked to add vibrancy to the 1940s homestead, incorporating native colours and textures throughout the house. Antique family pieces are incorporated alongside artworks created by friends and family.


Being at Wooroola has made her more considerate of the land that she is working on, a theme that she continues to explore in her art. The move has also led to the discovery of a like-minded community of artists that share Julia’s passion for exploring the intricacies of the landscape. She continues to learn about and connect with the history of Wiradjuri land and hopes to pass down the significance of such knowledge onto her children.


The article features many images of the renovated house and property that highlight the beauty of the rural landscape. The land contains a wealth of inspiration, and we are excited to see the work that Julia creates from it.


Julia’s next solo exhibition at Otomys will be from November 3-17.


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May 9, 2022